Online Retreat Testimonials

~ Radha is an excellent teacher, you can tell in her words that she cares about what she teaches and about those she is teaching. She is very knowledgeable. Can't wait to join in on the other Sacred Ayurveda mini courses.


~ The course material was beautiful, and the audios were very easy to understand. I really enjoyed the course.

~ I loved this class! It opened my eyes to so many new things and I now only eat homemade ghee at home. All my butter before it is consumed is made into ghee. I love ghee! 

~ Such a beautifully presented, simple to understand introduction to bringing elements of Ayurveda into your life. I loved how we dipped into many streams and aspects, not just food or herbs, but all of it. the beauty, the spirit, the meditations. as an advanced student of health/wellness I'd love to see another course that goes deeper/more in depth as well!!!

~ Sacred Ayurveda is a truly life changing course. It brought so much awareness to all aspects of my life. I've incorporated a few of the practices into my life and will slowly be adding more. I have taken more time on this course really just taking it all in. It has inspired me in ways I cant even put into words.

~ As a woman's health care provider with one foot in western medicine and one foot in eastern medicine, I was thrilled to take this course and learn more about Ayurvedic medicine. I stepped into a new world of engaging healing practices that I have used on myself, my friends and my clients with beautiful results. The content was beautifully and simply displayed. I would take another online class with Radha in a heart beat!

~ I was an absolute beginner when it came to Ayurveda and Radha managed to skillfully and gently help me enter this new world! My life changed in beautiful and deep yet subtle ways! Thank you!!!

~ I have always been draw to Ayurveda since my teens and this was a great opportunity to get introduced to it in a very loving and understandable way. The books I read on Ayurveda when in my teens finally made sense during this course. The content helped me a lot on the day to day basis, by adding new rituals / routines to my life to improve my well being, changing eating / cooking habits and knowing what type of exercise is best for me. I used all the gained knowledge also on my partner and as we are different doshas, it helps me with meals planning and way of living. I will be definitely looking more into Ayurveda now. 

~ There is so much valuable information and it was presented in a easy and straight forward way that it was very easy to grasp what you where talking about. 

~ I just loved every minute of this course, it gave me a much more comprehensive view of the in depth wisdom of the Ayurvedic Health System. It also made this system very practical, easy and fun to use in every day life. I especially loved the dosha materials and the Ayurvedic cleansing methods. I feel that both are great tools for self healing, self care and self discovery, I feel that every family and every woman on this earth should know and work with Ayurveda, I really do. Radha is a clear, warm, open, loving, wise, fun, honest and thorough teacher who I loved to learn from. I just want to say Thank You Radha, for inspiring me to open my Inner Lotus. Namaste. 

~ This program provided instant advocacy for self-care as a celebration! 

~ Beautifully done, so inspiring and lovely recipes.


~ Like a whirling dervish, Sacred Ayurveda has twirled me around, deepening my understanding of many aspects of life. As a global citizen and sacred follower I need depth and culture to feel nurtured and supported by Mother Earth. Ayurveda holds you with her mothering energy and Radha's gentle delivery of this ancient life science evokes feelings of contentment. I am evolving through these teachings, basking in the juicy secrets, living more glowly and vibrating more highly. Layer by layer I subtlety connect more and share more goodness.The go at your own pace style course allows a gradual learning process and Radha's reassurance of trusting change takes place when we are ready, make sense for this beautifully holistic practice.