Live Retreat Testimonials

Jessie B ~ It was such an honor to finally meet Radha in person at the Sacred Pregnancy Vegas retreat. I had the special joy of sitting next to her most of the time. Her presence was something enchanting. She taught us a section on Ayurvedic herbs and spices. The importance of using them with pregnant women, how to smell, taste, and use them. She wasn't lecturing us, she has such a wise soul and spoke so eloquently about each of the items she introduced to us. We got to smell, we got to taste, we could touch. She encouraged us to use our senses to engage with each of the herbs and spices. She truly loves this, it's more than work, it's her passion to share it with everyone she meets. The brief lesson we had, really is making me crave the online and live retreat courses with her. If you're in her course, you've got a mentor for life.