Sacred Detox

Would you like to?

Reduce gas, bloating, constipation, heartburn, and other digestive problems?

Increase your immune system?

Improve your mood and energy levels?

Increase your excitement for healthy food?

Gain mental clarity and enhanced spiritual experiences?


Join Sacred Ayurveda

in a Sacred Detox + Cleanse!


In this mini course you will learn why cleansing is essential to radiant health, how to cleanse gently without symptoms, and easy detox recipes to create in your kitchen. Cleansing from an Ayurvedic perspective is not only about getting rid of physical toxins, it is also a way to release old mental, emotional and spiritual blocks we have stored within ourselves.

Blockages are just that: blocking us from our true potential!!

Through this gentle cleanse, we will be resetting our clocks to be in harmony with the rhythms of nature’s clock. Being in tune with nature increases our ability to remain healthy and vibrant.

We will experiment with new habits and rituals that are in alignment with our true nature and that promote your luminous body, mind and spiritual health.