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As the founder and visionary of Womb Alchemy, Atourina Charles has donned many hats including artist, farmer, and chef. Her passion for food was groomed at an early age both of her parents were refugees from the middle east and instilled in her a vast appreciation for a wide range of flavours. Growing up, herbs and vegetables were grown all year round and chickens and ducks were kept as pets (and sometimes dinner). In her youth, she dreamt of becoming a fashion designer but when life dealt her a different hand Atourina splendidly fell into the likes of women’s circles and ceremonies. She had the opportunity to sit with wise sisters, mothers, and grandmothers whilst learning the ways of magic through crystals, herbs, and ritual. Over a decade of esoteric teachings brought her closer to her vision:


Bringing awareness to women’s cycles through Food, Ayurveda, and Ritual. 


This is a way of life that includes honoring our cycles and therefore deepening our connection with our wombs and ultimately ourselves.

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