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Live Retreats

At a live Sacred Ayurveda Retreat...


You will bask in bliss as you receive SEVERAL Ayurvedic luxurious hot oil massages and herbal body treatments, eat DAILY organic Ayurvedic meals, smell, taste and learn Ayurvedic cooking, LEARN to GIVE an Ayurvedic therapy that calms the entire nervous system : Shirodhara, make a mala necklace for meditation, RECEIVE sooo many goodies in your Sacred Ayurveda SWAG bag <3, experience deep and profound healing of your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.


AND so so so much more. 

Discover Your Elemental Nature

*Defining Ayurveda

*The FiveElements + Vata + Pitta+ Kapha

*What is YOUR DOSHA?

*Current Body & Mind State + Journaling on Balance

*Art Therapy + Creation of Self Love Mandala

Sacred Time and Space

*Exploring the Seasons + Times of Life + Times of Day

*Creating Balancing Daily Rituals & Dinacharya 

*Exploring + Doing Snehana Loving Hot Oil Therapies

*Learning Mantra + Mudra

*Using the Neti Pot 

*Release & Flow Journaling + Self Love


Nourish Body + Mind + Spirit

*Six Tastes +What is High Vibration Food

*Creating Sacred Space for Best Digestion 

*Create an Ayurvedic Menu

*Make Full Moon Ghee + Detox Tea

*How to Build Ojas ~Immunity ~ Glow

 *Make Kitchari + Healing Soup for Detox 

*Make Organic Spice Mixes


Slow Beauty + Find Your Sacred Glow

*Explore Your Vibrational Channels + Chakras with Marma Therapy 

*Balance Electromagnetic Frequencies From Computers + Cell Phones

*Create Organic Body Care to Open Pranic Channels for More Bliss 

*Make Herb Infused and Aromatherapy Massage Oil

*Create Divine Aromatherapy Essences

*Perform a Marma Facelift on Yourself and Loved Ones

Gentle Detoxification for Blissful Living

*Why Do We Need to Detox + 3 Essential Components of Any Detox

*Taking Ayurvedic Herbs for Detox

+Importance of Agni/Digestive Fire + Channels of Elimination

*Bliss-filled- Easy Detox with No Cravings

*Learn Oleation/Ghee 

*Cleansing the Mind

*Sukha/Good Sacred Space

Spiritual Abundance

*Cultivate Your Divine Connection

*Enhance Your Intuition & The Light From Your Heart Center

*Create Your Sacred Spiritual Life to Assist In A SUCCESSFUL Material World 

*Inner Happiness 

*Bliss Consciousness + Art Therapy

*Ceremony to the Divine

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