I am overflowing with gratitude for without these people, Sacred Ayurveda would not be possible:


Thank you to my teachers of this ancient healing science, Ayurveda: Vaidya RK Mishra, Pat Layton, Maya Tiwari and Sarita Rocco. 


To my beloved husband, Aaron who is my dearest teacher, inspiration and co creator of Sacred Ayurveda.  Thank you for your infinite love and wisdom.


Thank you to Kiera Lillesve, my dear gypsy sister and friend whose photography graces these pages and is epic and life changing in every way!  SHINE ON, sister!!!


Thank you to Anni Daulter, for without your passion, vision, true friendship and fire under my bee-hind, Sacred Ayurveda would still be a dream.

Thank you to Sue Crowder for THIS GORGEOUS website!

Thank you to Maggie Bijl for my logo design.

Thank you to the Divine Creator for allowing me to be a channel for this healing science to reach the world!