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How long is this course?

Sacred Ayurveda online is 40 days/6 weeks and is intended to be long enough to delve deeply into the material and establish a connection with Ayurveda.


What is the cost of supplies?

The cost will vary greatly on what you already have at home, where you purchase your supplies and which optional activities you participate in.   The basic cost will be around $150-$200. 


IIs this a certification in Ayurveda?

This course is intended to fulfill the foundational and beyond training in Ayurveda and is to be used for your personal and families health.  Once this information is practiced for some time and a level of personal health is established, one can go onto an Ayurvedic Certification course that we will be offering in the future.


How is the course delivered?

You will receive weekly emails inviting you to our class website. When the course is finished you will receive the course in PDF format to download and use at your convenience. There will also be prerecorded audios and some videos to deepen your experience. 

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