About Sacred Ayurveda

What is Sacred Ayurveda + What will I learn and Experience?


Sacred Ayurveda is an exploration of your TRUE nature, the essential essence that is the foundation of all aspects of you. We will look through the eyes of the enlightened masters of ancient India to see how essential this wisdom IS in our modern world. This in depth exploration of Ayurveda will be filled with self discovery and personal TRANSFORMATION and will give you a deeper understanding of how to nourish yourself, your loved ones and your clients with daily practices that will bring clarity to your mind, a glow to your skin, harmony  to  your  emotions  and  will  give the LIGHT of your SOUL a chance to SING. We will be utilizing art therapy, aromatherapy, cooking with spices, self- massage, mantra, meditation, herbal-infusions, creating dosha-appropriate organic bodycare. SANSKRIT, vibrational medicine and much more to reveal your true essence and let it shine!

You will uplevel your HAPPINESS + BLISS + HEALTH + VITALITY And the dreams you have for your life will become reality because you will be vibrating at the highest level possible. If you are ready for this, I can’t wait for you to join us.